My Services

During your visit to my ordination, I will take time to examine your concerns and your eyes.

  • Eye pressure measurement
  • Measurement of your (old) glasses
  • Determination of your refractive error and determination of optimal glasses strength
  • Checking your ability to merge (the processing of the images of the right and left eye to a spatial impression)
  • Basic examination for eye movement disorders
  • Checking your color sense
  • Examination of the outer eye
  • Examination of the anterior segment of the eye with the slit lamp: eyelids, conjunctiva, cornea, iris, pupil and lens
  • Examination of the posterior segment of the eye (retina, optic nerve, vessels) with direct or indirect ophthalmoscopy
  • Examining your central visual field e.g. to exclude specific failures in the examination of glaucoma
  • Examination of your retina after pharmacological dilatation of your pupils
  • Examination of the chamber angle with the Goldmann 3-mirror contact glass (in short local anesthesia)
  • Examination of the peripheral retina with Goldmann 3-mirror contact glass (in short local anesthesia)
  • Tomography of your central retina by optical coherence tomography, e.g. to exclude or staging age-related or diabetic retinal changes
  • Tomography of the retina around the optic nerve head e.g. for the objectification of the nerve fiber layer thickness in the examination of glaucoma
  • Representation of the surface curvature of your cornea, e.g. in irregular astigmatism or to exclude ectatic diseases (lack of tissue stability with abnormal protrusion) of the cornea

The amount of my fee for your ordination visit depends on the examinations that were carried out.

Surgical services

  • Operation of cataracts
  • Operation of heavy upper lid
  • Other minor cosmetic surgery on the eyelids
  • Refractive Laser Surgery (in cooperation with the Eye Laser Center Vienna)